College of Forestry

GIS Data

The FPF project maintains a diverse set of spatial data.  Click on a sub menu to view some of these layers.

Boundary Polygons


  • GNN Vegetation - 2006 Imagery for majority of study site (area east of Bend is from 2000 imagery) - See LEMMA website for variable definitions - ArcGIS Raster and attributes located at - t:\groups\FPF\spatial\bio\gnn\gnn_merge_fpf
  • PVT Vegetation - Potential Vegetation Types developed for ILAP intended to be coarser than PAG layer and finer than PVZ (Potential Vegetation Zones). - See here for documentation - ArcGIS Raster and attributes located at - t:\groups\FPF\spatial\bio\PVT\FPF_mosaic\pvt_merge_fpf
  • VDDT Vegetation - VDDT veg classes developed from GNN structure variables and PVT zones with the iLAP rollup tool. - ArcGIS Raster and attributes located at - t:\groups\FPF\spatial\bio\VDDT_veg\fpf_rollup2


  • Deschutes Destination Resort Zone - Areas designated for destination resorts in Deschutes County. A Destination Resort is a resort that was developed according to state statute (ORS 197.435 to 197.467) beginning in 1987. - NOTE this dataset is restricted to personnel of the FPF project.  It may not be provided to other entities without permission from Deschutes County. - ArcGIS Shapefile located at: t:\groups\FPF\spatial\cul\Deschutes_Destination_Resort_Combining_Zone_Effective02202012.shp
  • Zoning - Generalized Zoning Coverage for the state of Oregon. The coverage is digitized from data collected from 1983 through 1986. Limited zoning changes have occured since this time. This dataset represents the best STATEWIDE zoning coverage available for the state of Oregon - ArcGIS featureclass located at: t:\groups\Clib\spatial\Oregon\cul\zoning.gdb\zoning_albers
  • Deschutes NF NWFP Management Allocations - Northwest Forest Plan (ROD April 13, 1994) Management Allocations for lands considered within the range of the Northern Spotted Owl. Derived from local forest Management Areas with overriding allocations. Includes plan ammendments through 2006. - ArcGIS Shapefile located at: t:\groups\FPF\spatial\cul\zoning\DNF_NWFP
  • Deschutes NF Management Plan - Management Areas from 1990 Deschutes National Forest Plan (with Amendments through 2006) - ArcGIS Shapefile located at: t:\groups\CLib\spatial\National_Forests\Deschutes\cul\DeschutesForestPlan.shp
  • Winema NF Land And Resource Management Plan. - ArcGIS Shapefile located at: t:\groups\CLib\spatial\National_Forests\Fremont_Winema\cul\win_lrmp.shp
  • Fremont NF Land and Resource Management Plan. - ArcGIS Shapefiles located at: t:\groups\CLib\spatial\National_Forests\Fremont_Winema\cul
  • Building Density and WUI Areas - SILVIS Lab, Department of Forest Ecology and Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Oregon only version 3. - ArcGIS Shapefiles located at: t:\Groups\FPF\spatial\cul\Dwelling_Density_WUI\orwui3.shp
  • National Fire Plan Operations and Reporting System (NFPORS) - Point locatons for treatment activities on national forests. These data are subsets of the FACTS database. - ArcGIS featureclasses located at: t:\Groups\FPF\spatial\cul\FY05_10_NFPORS.gdb\NFPORS_Data_SASPrep_albers
  • FACTS - National forest treatment GIS database. Polygons for treatment activities. - ArcGIS featureclasses located at: t:\groups\CLib\spatial\National_Forests\Deschutes\DesFACTSJoinActivitiestoACTV160RSW.mdb for the Deschutes NF and t:\groups\CLib\spatial\National_Forests\Fremont_winema\FreWinFACTSJoinActivitiestoACTV160RSW.mdb for the Fremont-Winema NF.
  • Mill locations in Oregon (2008) - Developed by Charles Gale (U. Montana) and Jean Daniels (USFS). The Oregon mill information comes from the Oregon Mill Survey that is performed by the University of Montana for the FIA program.  - ArcGIS featurecleass located at: T:\Groups\FPF\spatial\cul\Mills\UMT_Mills.gdb\UMT_or_mills_2008_alb120


  • Fire History in Regon 6 (updated through 2010) - This data set was created to achieve consistent data, throughout Region 6, for management, planning or analysis involving fire history. Historical Fire Perimeters is a geospatial derivative of each National Forest's Historical Fire record, of the final forest fire boundaries. It was during 2006 when Region 6 Data Resource Management Data Standardization Team, collected all the spatial data available from each National Forest, in the Pacific Northwest Region. To maintain consistency throughout Region 6, one standardized data set of the entire Region was created. - ArcGIS Shapefile located at: T:\Groups\CLib\spatial\National_Forests\Region6\r6_fire_poly2010.shp